Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Balance

I'm on an intense internship hunt - that is, I am applying to at least 2 firms a day, and I am determined to work for a firm that I would not only be absolutely thrilled to put on my resume but that I would truly enjoy working for. Big names, big cities - I am looking for the cream of the crop and, despite the horrific economy, I am fairly confident that something awesome will roll around my way.

I don't know if I am being overly optimistic but I think that even in the current job market there are some internships available for talented people. I like to think that I am one of those talents.

The cities I am looking for can be summed up by two words - Not Cincinnati. I am looking for every excuse to get the hell out of here as soon as possible so I am not even considering any firms in Ohio right now. Chicago, New York, Washington D.C., Miami, Houston, and even Nashville are all looking much more attractive than this tragic midwestern town.

I am cautiously optimistic that I will get the job within a reasonable driving range (5-6 hours) from Cincinnati solely for one reason and one reason only - the guy I'm seeing. Of course, my New York and Miami options will take me well out of that driving range but I am, by no means, going to let a guy determine by job options right now.

Our situation is interesting because he is just as driven as me and he is applying to law schools all over the country, so it's not like I will be the one leaving him in the dust. He's also preparing for his LSAT's right now so our communication is very much limited to phone calls and instant messages. But.... I kind of like it that way. I am content in this because I am a career girl and he's a career guy. We are completely honest with each other and we have no expectations. I am not worried, not nervous, I am simply happy.

I am happy that I like him, happy that I can still concentrate on my work. This just might be the perfect balance for my career and love life and I'm not gonna lie, I do wish that I could maintain this balance during my internship, wherever that might take me. But then again, everything is so new with this guy that I still need time to figure out if things are perfect just because they're new or if they are perfect because we are on the same wave length.

I am willing to wait and find out and until then, I might as well go look for more jobs.


Anonymous said...

"Not Cincinatti" lol...

I'm sure you'll get your dream internship. People tend to panic about the job market but I have friends who got laid off from their jobs (mainly in the financial field) and managed to find better jobs in the space of a few weeks. Prestigious firms still hire promising applicants so stay optimistic!

- Narci