Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Riding the Bullet

In lieu of drinking myself to stupor on Valentine's Day, I took a more pro-active stance on the whole situation and ... went out on a date with a different guy. I met him last weekend at a club when my friend from Philly was visiting me. I never expected him to call me and ask me out for Valentine's date - after all, most guys get freaked out about doing such things as V-day puts much more pressure and significance on an otherwise ordinary day.

Well he asked me out and seeing as my guy #1 was feeling very anti-V-day that day, I decided to take up guy #2 on his offer. I am glad I did - because it was one of the best dates I've had in the past two years. First of all, he paid for everything - and I know it may not seem like much to ask but in this day and age, it is asking for a lot. Second of all, he was INTELLIGENT. We were actually able to have a superb conversation during our dinner and then later on, when we went out for drinks.

From what could have potentially turned out to be a guy-hating, vodka-drinking, food-channel-watching night to a fillet-mignon-and-martini, fabbed-out date in a matter of a couple of hours? A girl's gotta have options and, let's face it, Guy #1 wasn't the only fish in the sea.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

No Time for the Girl

It's V-Day and I don't have a date. No, I don't have a date. The guy who's ambitions and aspirations I liked in the beginning of our "dating" period? Well, it seems now that he is always too busy. Busy to hang out, not convenient to take a study break.

"I hope you don't think I am blowing you off, but it's the timing at this point..."

He says that but I don't believe when people say that anymore. There is always time for the one that you care about enough. There is always an hour or two to spare in a day. I know he likes me, he just likes his work a lot more. I know I like my work too, but the truth is, I kind of miss him and want to spend some time with him. As little time as it may be. Is this too much to ask for?

I was hoping for a low-key dinner followed by a night of cuddling and maybe even his overnight stay at my place. Instead... Instead I've got a bottle of cheap vodka and Bridget Jones's Diary marathon on Bravo.

"I will never get what's so special about Valentine's Day..."

He's right. It's just another day after all.