Friday, September 26, 2008

Impromptu Sex Talk

I will write this only because I just might be drunk. Tonight, on the first night of the first weekend of being back at school - I am feeling tipsy, sitting at my laptop and sipping on Sam Adams Boston Ale, I am feeling tipsy.

Now onto my drunken topic: Best sex I've ever had. Funny story about this dude because he was a good friend of mine for a number of years. I just turned 18 when he declared that he got himself a new girlfriend and I was more than happy for him. Genuinely happy for him, because he was such a friend. Such a friend, but nothing more.

I was just starting my very first semester at the University of Pennsylvania and I was still living with my parents as my lovely school was not that far from the 'rents' house. I got myself my very first work-study job at a museum affiliated with the university, and though I was only 18 years old, I was feeling all grown up for the very first time in my life.

Since my friend had a car and I had yet to acquire one, he, sometimes, would volunteer to pick me up and drive me home. A nice gesture of friendship that I gladly accepted whenever it was offered. Taking a subway home was not at the top of my favorite-activities-to-do list. I accepted his offers and I waited for him, rain or shine, in front of the museum, until I saw his 1995 Honda slow down and pull out of the general traffic flow to the curb to pick me up.

After he would give me a ride, I'd invite him to my (my parents') place to watch a movie. We'd chit-chat merrily and part our ways at the end of the night. No strings attached. Just two friends having a good ol' merry time.

One night was different, though. That night my parents were not home and we were watching some old DVD I dug out of my collection. Amidst our silence, he unexpectedly asked me,

"Do you like me?"

Many would interpret it in a platonic way. As in, do I like him as a friend. But I instantly knew what he meant. I turned my head towards him, got lost momentarily in his eyes, and said, simply and unpretentiously, "Of course I like you."

As he leaned in for the kiss, I simply couldn't pull away. I was selfish and passionate and filled with fire at 18, and I kissed him back, briefly but intentionally.

He, on the other hand, hesitated after his impulse, "I should get going," he said, and got up off the couch as if he was sitting on needles. He headed for the exit.

I followed him to the front door, where he struggled to pull on the door knob. The door was locked, and only I had the key to unlock it. As I opened the door with one simple move, he was free to run away, if he wanted to.

"I have a girlfriend, you know," he said, somewhat nervously.

And then, he pulled me towards him.

"I know.. I don't care..." I paused for a moment, evaluating the situation. Girlfriend or no girlfriend, I was fine with thsi arrangement, I decided. I, then, wrapped my arms around him and pulled him in for a kiss. He didn't get nervous this time, just kissed me back and we remained like that for a number of minutes.

We didn't get much farther that night and he left right after our particularly long make out session, but the next time I saw him, we, literally within minutes, began ripping clothes off each other. Goddamn he was good. And I was right there being damn good with him.

Though we haven't been intimate in quite some time, our friendship has ended relatively recently as we simply lost touch with each other about a year ago. At this point of time, I don't know if he's single, dating, or married. I don't know, and sometimes, I kind of wish I could still talk to him so he could fill me in, so I could become a part of his life again.

But life, as we all know it, never remains at a stand still. And some friendships are meant to not last forever. And so he, my friend circa 2002-2007, did not last forever. He was a chapter in my life... but damn, was that a good chapter.

Maybe, and I guess this is what I'm ultimately getting at, what I need right now is not impromptu sex talk.. but impromptu sex. Maybe even with The Neighbor, if he turns up at my place at just the right moment, that is.


Paula said...

Friend sex is good but ultimately it kills friendships. BelIeve me, I know!!!

narcissiste said...

That sounded hot!

Penny Lane said...

Way to go. That was hot! Girlfriend schmirlfriend, I say.

Penny Lane said...

Ok I really am dying here for another blog. Update!!