Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sometimes When I'm Bored...

...I write poetry. Mostly it's because I'm overwhelmed with emotions and I have no one around me to confide. This time I was listening to Pandora radio and You Got Me by The Roots came on. This song is one of the most meaningful to me, not only because it talks about a potentially lost love opportunity and Philadelphia - two things I know a lot about, two things that often came hand-in-hand, but also because it's just such a damn good song. So after I listened to the song, I was inspired to write the following:

An Architect's Melancholies

Somebody told me that this planet was small
we used to live in the same city, practically next door
And never met before until I'm in a different state, apart
and when I left, I left you pieces of my heart

My hands and heart are cold, and you I try to quit
these thoughts of you still linger, though I can't admit
to anyone how much I need you, that I even could
and try to put you first before a block of wood

Or metal beam, mahogany, or sunlight's gleam
or Gesso, Autocad and travertine
but let me down to Earth and listen
This planet might seem tiny from a distance

But as I look up to the stars that twinkle
you're gone, light years away, you're just a wrinkle
in folds of memory that fade with time
but oh my god, how do I wish that I could make you mine

my thoughts are my best time machine
and back to Philly I transport within
I find your place, you smile as you see me at the door.
All else? Irrelevant. I couldn't ask for more.


Scotty said...

I like what you wrote.

And I also write when I need to vent emotions. Its a great outlet :)