Saturday, September 22, 2007

Football, anyone?

I am going to my very first football game EVER tonight. Isn't it crazy? I've never been to a single football game, college or pro. Perhaps, it's because the school I went to for my undergraduate degree did not have a stellar football team, but then again, I should have went and showed my support anyway, right?

Regardless of my past wrong doings, I am going to make it all right tonight and show my loyalty to my new home - the University of Cincinnati and the sports team that everyone worships here - the Cincinnati Bearcats. I even bought and shirt with the team logo on it.

I just wish I wasn't still recovering from last night's drinking and carousing. But I swear, I shall gather all my strength and be the best college football fan I can be. Go Bearcats!

Now if you excuse me, I must go straighten my hair, cover up a blemish with my concealer and birghten up my face with a moderate amount of blush. For you see, a certain guy is going to be working at the game tonight, and if I run into him ("accidentally", of course), I want to make sure that I am the prettiest Bearcat fan in his immediate vicinity.


Scotty said...

I even bought and shirt with the team logo on it.

I think you can now say that its official :)