Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Time to Hang Up My Clubbing Shoes... and Sign Up for The Next Round of Bingo...

...Because I am turning 27 today, bitches!

I'm joking about Bingo though, for the most part. I am not one of those people who bathe in self-pity on their birthdays and reminisce about the years less ravaged by time. Yessir, I feel more fabulous than I did one, or two, or three, or four years ago. I also feel content with the person I am becoming, for the most part. And, for the most part, I am looking ahead to the years to come. Also, I probably would rather hit myself over the head with a shovel than engage in a game of Bingo, and I think I will retain this sentiment even when I am an eighty year old woman.

I've got a bunch of money from my parents and from the sale of the car. Always a great gift, especially when one of my number one goals in life right now is to pay off my student loans as soon as possible so I can start saving money for important things in life, like cars, houses, and Portuguese pool boys.

It almost feels like an outer body experience telling people that I am 27. I remember when I considered 24 as "old" and when I was telling my friends that I was not so afraid of turning 30 as I was turning 27, because it was the age that I'd imagined I'd start feeling my twenties slip away, slowly but surely.

Today, I agree with nothing but the last part of the last paragraph. I do feel like I am beginning to see the end of my twenties, though I am not longer scared of this nor do I view 27 as being "even more old than 24".

I also didn't think I'd still be writing this blog. Guess some things never change, after all!


JJ Pep said...

You made me smile today - but I must say, 27 is nowhere near Bingo time :)

P said...

Bingo is only for OAPs!!!

I'm 31 and i'm still a youngster. I know people younger than me who are old people trapped in their bodies. It's not nice.

Happy belated bday, btw!xx

Number Eleven said...

Never hang up those dancing shoes..... l turn 34 in a couple of weeks and refuse to grow old gracefully. Age is all in the mind. EnJOY! x