Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chocolate and Heineken

..or as I like to call it - my dinner of choice in Singapore.

When you live in a hotel room, in a close proximity to touristy gift and snack shops, I can't be bothered to go anywhere and explore any more of the city than I really have to. This week, every dinner, it's been a gourmet selection of Dove chocolate bars and Heineken and Budweiser (U! S! A!) beers. I am quite a picture of healthy living these days.

I might switch up my evening diet for something a little more delicioso as, I think, I had found a perfect place to call my home. I'm hoping to sign my tenant agreement as soon as tomorrow as say "Peace out!" to this hell hole of a hotel room, where a decent internet connection is as hard to find as a fountain of youth.

The place that I had the pleasure of viewing yesterday and that I'd like to call my home soon is a little townhouse in the middle of a beautiful neighborhood in the heart of Singapore. See, with Singapore being one of the top 5 cities in the world known for expensive living, it is nearly impossible to afford a place to live without having any roommates. The cheapest apartment for one is around $5000 USD a month. Yes, a motherfucking month! That's almost as much as I had been spending on my one bedroom apartment in Cincinnati, freaking Ohio. But I digress.

The potential roomies are an American/French couple, and a French girl. They don't believe in TV, are sickeningly into art and alcohol, and like to party hardy after a long day of work. In other words, they sound like my kind of people (though, I will be watching Jersey Shore on my computer as soon as the new season starts!)

As for chocolate and Heineken... say what you will, but it's better than some of the food choices I had encountered in Singapore thus far. I mean, I am one of the most adventurous people when it comes to trying (and loving) new culinary creations, and I keep hearing how Singapore has the most diverse and unique food scene in the world (allegedly). But I am just not seeing it! I've had some rather questionably-tasting meals here, and the only food that I had enjoyed thus far were chicken rice and anything Western.

I know, I know. I sound like I'm being close-minded, but I am trying! Week 1, though.... so far, not so good in the culinary aspect.


Number Eleven said...

Chocolate and Beer sound like a perfect culinary match to me. Which is good considering the price of rent. Jeez, and l thought the UK was pricey... Hope you find something you can call home soon!