Friday, April 22, 2011

An American in Singapore

My trial 2 week trip to Asia is coming up in roughly two weeks.

During those two weeks, there are several things that I hope to find the answer to:

-Will I enjoy my stay in Singapore enough to decide to call it my permanent home?

-Will I be able to stand the tropical weather without my allergies acting up? (Oh boy, do I sound old here)

-Will the locals be friendly?

-Will I find my new work environment challenging, creative and fulfilling enough to take this position?

-Will I be offered a good salary? (So far, there's a quite wide range of salary options out on the table for discussions...)

And, arguably, most importantly of all:

-Will I be able to deal with the decision that I am leaving the only current potential for love in my life to relocate half-way around the world?

I hope to find the clear-headedness and wisdom to make all the right decisions under this pressure. And I really REALLY hope I can make Singapore my home.


Pam the Realtor said...

Get yourself a NetiPot for your allergies. They work wonders

P said...

Weird, my man is going to be in Singapore in two weeks time too.

Hands off, okay??? (Joke!)