Friday, July 11, 2008

Crossing That Line

This platonic thing. With the guy I like.

It's not working out too well.

I got tipsy last night on precisely two beers - an event that has not occurred since my freshman year of college, which led to a string of more than platonic text messages between me and Mr Unavailable, as I shall call him due to his situation.

My friends and I were at this quirky little neighborhood bar earlier that night, where I was introduced to a rather engaging game of bocce ball that was being played in the specifically designated area in the outdoor patio. Basically, the point of the game was to throw some balls on the ground and get them closer to the main white ball. At least, that's how understood it.

So as I was about to play the very first round of the game with my partner, the back pocket of my shorts began vibrating with a new cell phone text message. I dropped the ball rather carelessly and watched it roll towards and then way past the white ball. Lousy throw, but I didn't care - I needed to check the message.

"How are you doing?" the message inquired.

It was none other than Mr Unavailable himself.

After a few rounds of bocce ball and a dozen of text messages later, our conversation turned to the never-spoken-about subject. His girlfriend.

Well, first he said, "I can't wait to hang out with you." Followed by, "Kinda stinks cause I have a girlfriend and I wanna be single and have fun, so I don't know what to do."

Is he really asking me for advice on this one, I thought, but decided to do the right thing and give him the most level-headed response I could conjure up in my head.

"Being single is fun, but don't feel pressured to break up with her. Those kinds of decisions take time."

"I just wish I stayed single this year, I guess. You're so fun to hang out with."

And a lot more of pointless back-and-forth semi-flirting, which really could come across as being almost innocent. That is until this little gem he sent me,

"I didn't know if you liked me or not when we were hanging out all these times. I mean you're really pretty, fun and smart and there's that line I didn't want to cross. I didn't want to say anything because I didn't want to ruin the friendship."

Well, dear, you've sure said it now.

I wanted to tell him all these things about how I don't wanna flirt with him because he's unavailable. I don't want him to tell me how his girlfriend is so boring and never wants to do anything because it makes him come across as sort-of-a-douchebag for bitching about her behind her back. I wanted to let him know that he should give their long distance relationship a try that spans more than a three week period.

Instead, I flirted back.


Anonymous said...

Whoa hold on a minute! He liiiikes you! hehehe

The only thing that bothers me is the "I just wish I stayed single this year, I guess. You're so fun to hang out with" and the "I don't know what to do". It's so obvious he wants you to give him an incentive to break up with his girlfriend but don't fall for that, it's a trap!

If you even suggest he could just leave her if he's not satisfied with the relationship, he'll do it, date you for awhile and blame everything on you the second something goes wrong.

If you tell him to give their relationship a chance, he'll most likely respect you for being more principled than he is and be even more attracted to you. He'll then realise he really wants you and will make the decision to break up with her all on his own.

But wait, can you guys even date? Isn't he in another city? I'm lost!

Laundramatic said...

he just moved to cincinnati from another city. so he's here and he's here to stay, for better and for worse.
and you're right. im not gonna suggest that he leaves her thats why im just gonna play it cool, take it slow and just see what happens.

Paula said...

Well YOU'RE the single one, you're entitled to a flirt if you want. HE is the one who should decide what the heck he wants one way or the other. On one hand, it's great he likes you, but he can't muck you around like this. The other thing just to be wary of is him saying he wishes he was single right now doesn't necessarily mean he's wanting to hook up with you on a permanent basis. You could find he could come out of the relationship with Boring Bitch and then decide he doesn't want to "rush into anything". Such is the mind of a guy, full of contradictions. And they say GIRLS are hard to understand . . . we have NOTHING on them!

Angela said...

Yep, he certainly crossed that line. But, now just exactly HOW far he crosses it is up to him.... Seems like he's really confused.

Scotty said...

Hmmm.. all it would do is make me wonder (if I were you) if he would do the same thing to me if we were together.