Sunday, June 29, 2008

REALLY good friends

An acquaintance of mine from college recently relocated from Providence to Cincinnati for work, and for the duration of last week, I took it upon myself to be in charge of showing him around the city. So, over the course of the last seven days, we've already hung out three times.

We were never close in college, just kind of talked to each other a few times at a few parties of our mutual friend. But we really hit it off in Cincinnati cause, as it turns out, we've got a lot more in common than I had initially realized, including our hatred for everything New Jersey and our lingering nostalgia for our hometowns.

On Wednesday we went out to eat at a quaint little restaurant that serves mostly mediocre food, unless you know those one or two exceptional menu items that have people coming back there for more. He talked a lot about his work and his friends back home and all together, we spent about three hours at the restaurant.

Later that night I received the following text message from him:

"Hey, just wanted to say I had a great time. You're very nice and easy to talk to. Hope you had fun."

Well, that was really cute, I thought to myself and texted him back with, "I think you're fun too, we'll hang out this weekend, I'm sure."

A few minutes later, a follow up text lit up my cell phone screen, "I hope I didn't bore you. I tend to talk a lot when I'm comfortable with someone. Have a good night."

That weekend him and I met up with a bunch of my friends from school and we conjured up a plan to go out to a local bar. I was on a roll that night, cracking jokes, laughing and just having a blast. I think a part of my increased effort to be "the cool girl" that night was due to the fact that The Artist came out with us, and I just was feeling good, looking good and wanted to rub it into his face. As to say, "Ha! You missed out and I hope you realize that you missed out."

And, of course, I was there with a "new man". (The Artist didn't need to know that the new man was just a friend)

Later on that night, just as I was about to get comfy in my bed in preparation for sleep, I, again, received a text message from my friend.

"I had such a blast tonight. You are the coolest girl I had ever met. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow."

Well, well... What can I say? I felt extremely flattered that he thought I was just that fabulous. It's not every day that I hear comments like those.

We made plans to hang out again last night and decided to go dancing. I was all up for it because I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of men I know who actually enjoy dancing. Four out of five of them are gay.

As we danced, I looked around the club to survey the scene and saw this girl eyeing my dance partner up and down. I knew that look oh-too-well. It was the "Hey boy, you are looking so sexy, wish you were dancing with me" look. I looked back at my friend, who was being oblivious to the girl's stare, and it just sort of dawned on me - he is, indeed, a very very good-looking man. His body, all muscular, cute smile, those blue eyes...

But wait, did I mention that he has a girlfriend back home?

I looked away nervously, hoping that he didn't notice the way I was looking at him for the past ten seconds. Damn it, I can't be thinking about him this way, gotta burry those feelings deep inside, gotta forget that he's cute.

Later on, after I got home, I received yet another text message from him:
"I haven't had this much fun in a long time. By the way, you are a really good dancer."

I replied with, "Thanks, I liked dancing with you. Hope to do it again soon."


He texted back shortly after with, "We'll have to get together before I leave [he's going to Cleveland for two weeks, spending four days out of that time hanging with his girlfriend] and then we definitely have to go out a lot when I get back. Good night, give me a call tomorrow."

Is it just me or is he being slightly too friendly with me? I know nothing can happen with him while he's still with his girl, because I don't want to be a homewrecker. Moreover, nothing can happen even if he breaks up with her, because I so don't wanna be a rebound girl.

However, I feel like he's borderline flirting with me, and unfortunately, I can't say that I don't like that.


Paula said...

ooooh, i was thinking you were well in there until you mentioned the girlfriend back home. dammit. mind you, do we know for definite how well they are getting on? perhaps there's trouble in paradise, and meeting you was just the push he needs to end things . . . :)

narcissiste said...

Hmm... I say all is fair in war and love.

He's not married, his girlfriend is far away, he likes you, you guys seem to have chemistry... If you feel bad about becoming a 'homewrecker' (keep in mind you could become the new Brad and Angelina!) then just act like a friend and don't flirt back too much. If he's really into you, he'll make the necessary steps to get to the next level - breaking up with his girlfriend, taking you out on real dates, etc.

Don't worry about being the rebound girl. You can't be the rebound girl if you don't have rebound sex so, just avoid that.

This guy seems to appreciates you to your just value!

The Brooklyn Boy said...

Flirting's always fun, and a nice ego boost when it comes from an attractive source. Gotta sort whether you're in it b/c of that or b/c ya really like him. Narcissiste made some good points on that front. Roll with it for the time being, cuz ... well, why not?

Anonymous said...

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