Saturday, March 22, 2008

News Flash: Girl's Heart Broken Yet Again

When a man after a man decides after about 3-6 weeks of dating me to start treating with with uttermost neglect and carelessness, I can't help but think that there must be something repulsive about me. It's, evidently, not on the surface, since I manage to hide it from them for those said 3-6 weeks, but after that trial period expires, these guys begin seeing me in a different, apparently, unfavorable light. What's a girl to do when she doesn't know what, if anything, she's doing wrong?

Basically, what I am trying to get to is that I have a strong suspicion that the little "relationship" me and PDA Guy had is over. I can't say I am all that upset about it - I felt like I was settling in many ways. A part of me thinks that I was willing to settle for him is because I was single for some time and I needed a warm body next to me when I woke up a few Saturdays in a row. I can't say that I completely got that urge out of my system but I am not willing to pursue PDA Guy any more.

When we hung out on Thursday, things felt different. I got all prettied up for him and he didn't even try. He didn't even bother to try. He had band practice just before I came over to his place and he didn't even take a damn shower. Eww, dude, seriously?

I was pretty pissed at him and when we said our goodnights, we didn't kiss each other, just smiled politely, like estranged neighbors. It's like my pissiness transferred to him and I felt like he was thinking, "To hell with you. I don't want a pissed off chick." My notions were confirmed yesterday. I called him and he answered; said he was gonna call later, and never did.

Fuck it. Let me move on to something bigger and better, thank you very much.

I called up my friend that night after 7pm as I made a decision that I was not going to wait for the PDA Guy to call - a decision that proved to be the right one. He said that they were all playing beer pong at his house and I was more than welcome to come over. Well, don't mind if i do!

It was eight of us, celebrating the beginning of spring break with booze, music and ping pong balls. After a few unsuccessful attempts to sink the last lonely cup on the table, I decided to give up on the game. My friend and I grabbed ourselves two nice cold beers out of the fridge and our conversation turned to the painful subject of failed relationships.

"So where's your boy?" my friend said, as if he sensed that something was not right.

I sighed, "I don't think he's my boy any more." I went into the whole lengthy ordeal of a story and recounted more than one ways of how PDA Guy dicked me over and how I was done playing his game.

"Wow, really?" my friend responded," I was really hoping things would work out with you and this guy. He seemed nice but I understand why you're fed up with him."

I nodded, "You know I said it once and I'll say it again - I have the worst luck with men out of anyone I know, but what can I do but not give up and just keep looking...Say, if you have any single friends, let me know."

My friend's response was quick and enthusiastic, "Oh yeah! Yeah! For sure! I have, like, six friends I could set you up with. I mean, there's the Artist..."

Whaaaa???! Just when I thought I got a door slammed in my face, a window of opportunity opened itself up.

"Let me stop you right here," I said, trying to keep my excitement in check, "I think The Artist is an excellent choice, because, frankly, I think he is really cute."

"Well, I'll tell you this, I'll tell you this..." my friend replied, "The Artist left today for his home town and he won't be back til the end of spring break. From what I know, there's a girl there he likes and he's going to try to hang out with her. Also, from what I know, chances of anything happening between him and her are not that good. Now, if things don't work out between them two, you will be the first one to know."

"...And if he gets with her, he's off limits," I nodded, understanding the situation, "I understand. Just keep me updated."

And with that, we returned to our game of beer pong, but for the rest of the night I couldn't stop thinking about The Artist and how much I want things to not work out between him and his object of affection. Oh yeah, and I hope he thinks I'm pretty.

I never thought I'd say this but... I can't wait for spring break to be over!

For the two of you who might be wondering what this man looks like, this is him here. I hope no one I or he knows stumbles upon this and recognizes who he is. This is as much of his face as I feel comfortable revealing but, trust me, the man is gorgeous.


Pippi said...

Hope it works out with him, chick! If it's meant to be, he'll come to you. Can't really tell from the half face pic how hot he is but he looks okay! P x

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love your blog's new look! So chic.

I guess it just wasn't meant to be with PDA guy, but I hope fate will bring you and the Artist together! Hope the other girl has her eyes on someone else so he can come back to town, start dating you and realize what a goddess you are.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I never thought to ask but are you on Facebook? If so, you can add me if you want: Natalia de Monaco.