Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Vegas, Baby!

Two tablets of Tylenol PM and some cranberry juice and I am almost back to normal. Almost, I say, because I am still exhausted after a 12 hour work day (thank GOD for overtime...) and not looking forward to another two days of overtime madness. I am damn lucky I love this job or else I would be tearing my hair hair out in frustration right about now.

Next week, I am flying to Vegas to do some survey work with a couple of my coworkers. The hours, they say, will be grueling and if anyone had ever done site surveying they might pinpoint out that you barely get to sit down at any time during an entire day. You're always on your feet, bending, reaching with a tape measurer, the way they probably did it one hundred years ago. Survey work has not seen many significant advancements in technology. It still requires physical labor.

Doesn't mean that I won't enjoy what they city has to offer though. Since I am staying right at a casino hotel, courtesy of my company, I will probably sneak down for at least thirty minutes every night to wander around the glitzy, over-the-top glamor of the City of Sin. I will deposit a few quarters into a slot machine that will look special to me, and cross my fingers, hoping to get lucky and win a jackpot. I will close my eyes for just a moment and imagine what it would be like to win fifty million dollars. What I would do. Who I would want to meet, because it is always easier to get an appointment or a date with anyone if you're got a few thousand dollar bills in your wallet.

I will probably lose 10 dollars at the said slot machine and walk away, slightly frustrated and disillusioned, but it won't take me too long to escape my frustrations, it won't take me long at all til I see another attraction, or a cute guy, or a high roller winning the money he doesn't particularly need at all.

I have never been to Vegas, and what happens there stays there, they say. But I won't even have much time to try to do anything stupid or irresponsible. Instead, I'll be up early every morning, ready to work, ready to take in the new sights and sounds.

"Have you ever been to Vegas? It's a different world out there," my co-worker said to me mysteriously today.

I'm not sure what he meant but whatever it is, it WILL be a whole different world to me. I have never been that far out in the West, only know what I've seen in movies.

I liked what I saw. Even now, sitting here dead tired and feeling the influence of Tylenol PM pulling me into a drowsy, somber state, I simply cannot conceal my utter excitement...

Did I mention that this is where I am staying?



la cubana gringa said...

Your company is putting you up at the BELLAGIO!?!? Dude! You'll certainly be there in style! Those fountains are so great...there's an hourly (I think?) fountain show each night set to music. And try to stand by for tickets to the Cirque du Soleil "O" show...very worth the splurge! Have fun!!

Fluffycat said...

Bellagio's buffet is amongst the best, and also they have a great place that makes fruit smoothies right by the pool area.

Sassy Molassy said...

Oooh, you're going to LOVE Viva! And it truly is a whole other world in Vegas. Just don't let it fool you into thinking that's what the entire "West" is like. The west coast is so much prettier. Have a great trip!

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