Sunday, October 14, 2007

Late Night Confessions/Make Out Sessions

I can honestly say that sleeping alone in my bed has, for the most part, been a preference rather than a consequence. Even when I (briefly) lived with the Ex and we shared the same bed, from time to time I'd get the urge to sleep by myself. To be able to roll around in my sleep like a pig in a puddle of mud (okay, bad analogy, but those pigs always look so damn happy), to not hear any snoring, coughing and general weird noises people make when they sleep is, indeed, nirvana to me.

But last night I was lying in a new guy's arms, wondering what's gonna come of it, fearing that this would be the last time I see him, thinking how, just for him, I could get used to falling asleep like this every night.

We had a wonderful second date last night that concluded with me sleeping over at his house. Fully clothed (shorts and t-shirts), we laid next to each other. The whole house was asleep but we talked and talked and I giggled and he kept calling me cute. Ah, the little things that set my heart aflutter.

"Tell me a secret," he whispers. I can barely make out his facial features in the dark, so I move in a little closer.

"A secret? Like, what do you want to know in particular?" I avoid the question. In general, a bed is not really that great of a meeting room for revelations.

"Well, what are you thinking right now?"

Still slightly tipsy from those drinks he got me at a bar a few hours earlier, I give him a bold response, "I am kind of thinking about how I want to make out with you."

God, I'm good. I just wish I could come up with shit like that when I'm sober too.

He moves in for a kiss and we make out for, oh, about two hours. Probably, my personal record to date but I always like to improve upon my past achievements.

All in all, I was reminded last night how pleasant it can be falling asleep and waking up in someone's arms and being showered with kisses. What was more pleasant, however, was his text message I got later on today that said "I had fun. I like kissing you." Maybe, just maybe, this is going somewhere :)

Oh boy, looks like I am developing quite a crush on this guy... Stay tuned.


Scotty said...

I would much rather sleep alongside someone else.

"I am kind of thinking about how I want to make out with you."

I am going to try and use that for my default 'What are you thinking' answer, because we all know thats a girls favorite question :)

la cubana gringa said...

Fingers crossed for you!!

Jess Riley said...

Say, thanks for your kind words on my blog! I'm so glad you commented.

Ah, the old "What are you thinking?" question...wouldn't it be funny if people could only answer that with the absolute truth right at that moment?