Tuesday, July 24, 2007

To Call or Not to Call

I turned the ringer of my phone off just before I went to bed last night. Otherwise, I would have been woken up by a phone call from a guy I met about ten days ago at one of my favorite clubs.

That night was quite a blur but I still remember quite a lot. In particular, I remember a very good-looking man flirting with me on a dance floor and inviting me to sit down in the lounge area so we could get to know each other better. He seemed like a smooth talker and a player but I was quite buzzed and the conversation between him and me flowed nicely. He ended up getting my number at the end of the night and promised to call during the following week.

Frankly, I haven't mentioned him at all so far because I did not expect him to call me. To me, it was just another night of dancing with a cute guy. A cute guy who I wasn't particularly interested in getting to know outside of the club scene. A cute guy with whom to exchange pleasantries and cocktails. Nothing more, nothing less.

So after a week of no phone calls, I had pretty much forgotten about the guy, going about my usual daily routine and not really telling anyone about my casual club encounter with him.

I am extremely surprised that he called last night. My first thought was that he was just drunk-dialing random people in his phone book, but after listening to the voicemail he left me, I decided that he sounded very sober. It was no accident. He actually MEANT to call me.

"Hey, this is Club Guy," I heard, as I was checking my voicemail on the way to work this morning, "I'm sorry for not calling you sooner. I actually misplaced my phone for a while and it's a funny story how I got it back. I wanted to ask you out for a cup of coffee or drinks, so if you are interested my number is xxx-xxx-xxxx."

A) I didn't buy the Misplaced Phone excuse, not even for one second. I wasn't born yesterday. All he was doing is waiting it out for a week and trying not to look desperate by calling the next day, or he had another girl he was trying to hook up with and that deal didn't work out, so I was a Plan B. Forgive me for being a tad cynical here – this guy just strikes me as SUCH a player.

B) I want to call him back, because I am attracted to him. I am not looking for anything serious at this point anyway, just a few casual dates, just someone to waste what little time I have left in this city. I have seven weeks left here, and then I'm packing up and moving nine hours away. No sense in sparking serious romance here.

My finger is hovering mere millimeters above the "Talk" button on my cell phone and I'm in a limbo as to what I should do. I mean, there is no harm in having one drink with a guy, right?


la cubana gringa said...

Ummm...you DID name this blog "My Dirty Laundry" didn't you? Get out there and dirty your laundry, will ya?

Scotty said...

Call him, have a good time, don't lead him on, and don't let him lead you on.

Mr. Poopie said...

When you're having sex with him you should ask him about the phone.

Narcissiste said...

That's a no brainer! Go out with him and leave your options open - you're moving away, not getting married. Maybe I'm a hopeless romantic but I think you should always give it a try. So what if he's not soul-mate material, at least you won't have any regrets! wow, I sound so bossy! haha

The Polished Turd said...

LCG is right. Get out there and thoroughly soil that bleached white laundry of yours. You've got nothing to lose.