Monday, July 30, 2007

I Can Handle This...I Think

(it's official. This is my future home.)

I am basking in the glory of the mid-Monday afternoon sun. Content with the realization that in less than five weeks I will be essentially starting a new life, I let the waves of panic and urgency subside. It's all going to be okay. I've been longing for a change for some time now, and not just a tiny change.. but more like a life-altering experience, because, to be honest, no matter how good I feel my life is right now, I've become bored with this city, with the same people I keep running into wherever I go. I need something new. I need something better.

I didn't go away to college five years ago like many of my peers did. I stayed and home and commuted which was a rather dreadful experience. I always regreted not living on campus, not participating in a campus life, and now I get a chance to live out my dream. My time has finally come and I am very excited. Who will I meet? What awaits me as I move to this new city, knowing absolutey no one, with a car packed full of my favorite outfits, an ironing board and a handful of architecture books?
A few years ago I wanted to get a tattoo of a word "BREATHE" somewhere on my upper back to remind myself to stop, take a moment and do just that - breathe - once in a while. Then, I found out that Lindsay Lohan got the same damn tattoo on her wrist. How edgy of her. So today my body is still 100% ink-free and I know now that I don't need to make a Post-It note out of myself to remind of what I need to do. Now I am taking a time-out here in my parents' quiant little backyard, taking time to reflect, calm down, and most importantly, to breathe.


Scotty said...

Soooo... where are you moving?

Change is good, it sounds like you are super excited.

Narcissiste said...

This is so exciting! New city = new men!! hahaha
I also regret not living on campus during college, so I can totally relate. Now that you'll be living alone and away from your comfort zone, you'll have more time to breathe and really focus on yourself. I wish you the best and keep us posted on all new developments! ;P

la cubana gringa said...

Change is good. (So is breathing!) I highly recommend both. ;)

Mr. Poopie said...

Damn doctors. They think they know everything!

Lucy said...

I have this awesome joke about laundromats. Glad I found your blog!

Laundramatic said...

scotty - I am moving to cincinnati, or as I like to spell it SINcinnati. muhahaha! ... ahem.

narcissiste - im definitely looking forward to meeting new men. It's seems like whenever i go out nowadays I bump into the same people. I need a change!

la cubana gringa - I will listen to your advice, you being a doctor and all!

mr. poopie - they best know everything. I heard medical school prices are mad high, so I'm sure they're getting some value for their money

lucy - glad you found my blog! I'd like to hear that joke about laundromats too.