Wednesday, December 26, 2007


The holiday season had snuck up on me once again and with it, I packed my bag and drove back to Philadelphia to visit my family. I saw my friends, I drank at old bars and hangouts, I've realized that some things haven't changed a bit and others will never be the same again.

Upon my arrival I was eager to reconnect with my former best friend and I set aside a night to go see a movie with her. Seeing that I haven't seen her in over 3 months, I was looking forward to catching up and having a good old heart-to-heart talk about boys and things. As I waited for her at the movie theater, as she was running late again, I wondered what it would be like to see her again. When I finally saw her walking towards me... and next to her, her boyfriend, who for the past year became completely inseparable from her, I've realized that our friendship, as I knew it, was over. My former best friend did not need me any more and that trip to the movies made me realize that I no longer wanted to try to hang on to a friendship that no longer was.

I saw two of my best guy friends whom I haven't seen in over a year, and though I was hesitant at first to hang out with them, I ended having one of the best nights out. They haven't changed a bit, and if they did, the changes were all positive.

And now that I'm sitting in my comfy chair, recovering from Christmas madness, I am talking to one of my best friends in Cincinnati about all the good, bad, and the ugly of coming back home after an absence.

He brings up a guy I briefly met a month or so ago at a party. We barely spoke a word to each other but I remember finding him unbelievably cute. Well apprently, over the Christmas break, Cinci Friend and this guy became fairly good friends because it turned out they lived in the same apartment complex.

Of course, my Cinci Friend brings me some bad news as well, "He has a gf; just an fyi."

I'm not surprised with all the bad luck with guys I've been having, "Of couuuuuuurse he does."

He continues typing, "Though I'm not sure how long it will last, honestly. For now, I think it's secure but she lives in the same complex, so you know how that goes. I'll track her down and get the dirt lol"

"Well, just make sure you give me a heads up if that relationship comes to an end :P", I type back.

"Haha, oh I will let you know. .. I'll make sure we all hang out together at some point. Very slyly,"

So for now, I'm not putting all of my eggs in a basket but if my Cinci Friend pulls all the right matchmaking moves.... well, I'd be interested to see where this adventure might take me.