Friday, November 16, 2007

On Getting Revenge

I would go into a detailed description of my past weekend and my couple of dates with a guy I started seeing recently. I would tell about our outing on Friday night and our many drinks and laughs we shared in my favorite bar in Cincinnati. I would also tell about our trip to the movies the next day and how he held my hand in the darkness of the movie theater. Then, I would tell about our lavish dinner that same night and how when he left the next day to go back to his home town, he smiled ever so charmingly and said, "I really like you" before driving away.

I walked away happy that day, after sending him off on his way home. Except that I didn't know that it would be the last time I'd ever see him. And why would I choose not to ever see him after an amazingly blissful weekend? Because he, as it turns out, had a little agenda of his own. And I found out about that agenda using the good ol' internet search engine.

Monday, November 12:
It was unusual for him not to call me today since previously he would call every day for two weeks, sometimes even twice during the same day. I knew something was up, as I had already had a similar experience with a different guy back in June. I decided to brush my fears and IM him that night with a cheeful hello (aka hello with a smiley face). He replied back and we had a very brief, very dry conversation.
"Don't take it personally," he wrote, "I just have a lot to do this week for my night classes and work. I am so tired."

I wished him luck on his project and with that he signed off. His excuse worked on me this time, and I, as any reasonable person would surely do, decided to give him more time. Maybe he'd pay more attention to me and return to his old affectionate self after he got all the stress factors out of the way. Maybe.

Tuesday, November 13:

He had not called or emailed at all today. I IMed him again after he signed on online. The conversation went in a very similar manner as the previously day though. He was tired, stressed out, whatever. I was trying to be understanding again, but I was getting impatient. What happened to the sweet, adorable guy he was just days ago?

Wednesday, November 14:

All day I was hoping he'd call. Around noon, it dawned upon me that perhaps I should stop hoping. After he signed onto AIM that night and hadn't IMed me in more than an hour, I finally stopped hoping. Of course, I was also very pissed at that point, so I sent him a message:

"Are you serious? You are not gonna talk to me at all?"

He replied with a cold, "I only signed on briefly to talk to my friend about an apartment. So no, I'm going to bed now."

"Yeah, whatever," was all I could say back.

Thursday, November 15:

I received a message on Facebook from a guy who friended me on there a while ago, for one reason or another. He saw my rather angry status message in his News Feed ("Laundramatic is sick of bullshit") and asked what was wrong. I spilled my guts to him about everything, because I needed someone to talk to. He said that if I wanted to grab a drink with him later on, he'd be more than happy to take me out. I told him that that may happen sometime down the road... but not now. I wasn't ready.

That afternoon I sent the douchebag my last email, "Thanks for acting like a total asshole. I didn't expect that from you." OF COURSE, I didn't get a reply back.

Bored and angry, I did an online search of his full name and came upon an unexpected and unsettling discovery. Turns out, he's a member of a certain dating site and I saw him and other girls leaving each other flirtatious comments on a message board. This was happening all throughout our brief dating period and continued to that very moment. There were also talks between him and one girl of meeting up offline. Oh no, he didn't!

That night I put things in a perspective because I was tired of being angry. At least I didn't waste as much time on this asshole as I did on Mr X. I could just forget and move on, except that I wanted to teach the douche a lesson....

I created a profile on the said dating website under a false name. With false information. False location. False attributes. Everything 100% fake. A good friend volunteered to help and provided me with two of her pictures so I could add some legitimacy to my fake posting. Now my profile was complete. All I had left to do was send the scumbag a message and wait.

"Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I think you're adorable ;)"

Not too suggestive, slightly flirtatious, inviting of a response - I've created a bait.

Friday, November 16:

There was one new message in my Alter Ego's mail box today from none other than the asshole.
"You're pretty hot yourself. i'm in X University this weekend for the football game let me write you back on sunday."

He took the bait. Now it's my turn to have a little fun.


Scotty said...

What a loser!

Now, I wonder whats in store for him..

Kirribilli said...

Like all the best dramas you leave a cliff-hanger at the end...

I want to know more...

Narcissiste said...

What an ass.

The Polished Turd said...

I hate to say it but you've got a knack for picking them. I'll eagerly await the next installment of this drama.

forsythia said...

Revenge is sweet, and I hope you get it. He's got it coming, the jerk.

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PrincessPolly said...

You. are. FABULOUS!!! The guy is a prick and deserves everything he gets.